Animated Kenco Singles Machine Cleaning Guide

If you are unsure how to clean your Kenco Singles Machine why not have a look at our animated cleaning and troubleshooting guide.  It gives you a step by step demonstration of how to clean and maintain your Kenco Singles brewer.   Obviously if you are still unsure then please call the office.

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Canto Touch proves to be a big hit

The Canto Touch office coffee vending machine has proven to be very successful in one of our larger corporate customers.  Most importantly the Canto Touch produces a great range of quality coffee ranging from cappuccino, latte through to espresso and americano.  Non coffee drinks such as tea and hot chocolate are also available.

Obviously the quality of the drinks is the most important aspect of the machine but there are some very novel new aspects too.  The large high definition screen allows for video, animation and still images to be displayed.  This allows for corporate messages to be disseminated whether that is to staff or customers.  One of our large customers that have taken these machines is an insurance company who are currently running a television advertising campaign.  We have been able to upload their advert to the machine which is great for impressing visitors!  Standard features also include a disabled user feature which allows a wheelchair user to drop the drinks icons further down the screen making all options more accessible.  Language icons also allow for all of the drinks to be displayed in a variety of languages making the Canto ideal for environments where the first language of staff or customers isn’t English.

Believe it or not the touch screen can also affect the quality of the drink! It does this by allowing the user to customise their own drink.  Coffee strength along with amount of sugar and milk are all adjustable when you choose your drink.  More than any other coffee machine that we supply this allows you to adjust the drink to your own tastes.

The Canto Touch really is the next step in the evolution of the coffee vending machine.  There are other touch screen systems on the market but none offer the diverse options and functionality of the Canto. The Canto is available to buy, lease or rent.  We can even operate the machine for you meaning that we visit your premises to keep the machine filled and cleaned.  Not only is the Canto packed with up to the minute technology but we can take all of the hassle away from you.

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Unusual vending machines

Ever thought of live crab vending?  I would suspect probably not!  Have a look at the link below for details of 24 vending machines you probably never thought could exist.  Unfortunately to the best of our knowledge you cannot order a caviar vending machine in the UK!

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Canto Touch coffee vending machine is now available

Canto Touch Coffee Vending Machine

Canto Touch Coffee Vending Machine

The clever people at N & W Global vending have launched the Canto Touch coffee vending machine complete with a 21.5 inch touch screen.  This screen interacts with the user to allow them to build their own drink.  The screen also allows for a variety of media to be played when the machine is not being used.  This could include marketing videos, company branding, news or anything else that you might want.  Have a look at  the N & W YouTube channel for a demonstration of the features available.

While the touch screen is very impressive the coffee is also of a very high quality.  The new Z4000 brewer creates a great espresso base for the variety of coffees produced by the Canto.  Fresh brew tea, hot chocolate and soup are also available making the Canto Touch a great all round choice for a variety of locations.

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Starbucks to bring beer flavoured coffee to your office coffee machine…..?

The answer is realistically probably not!  However have a look at this article as it is a concept that the coffee shop giant are looking into and have been trialing in America.  The new drink will potentially be called “Dark Barrel Latte”.  It is interesting if nothing else!

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New Jura office coffee machine coming soon!

Kenco Local Business Service are delighted to announce the upcoming arrival of the GIGA X3 office coffee machine.  The smaller brother of the Jura GIGA X7, X8 and X9 coffee machines the GIGA X3 looks as if it will offer many of the drinks options as the larger machines but at a reduced cost.  For a sneak peak have a look at the Jura website.

The stylish and innovative Jura GIGA range of equipment are all ideal as office coffee machines for the more discerning customer.  They offer outstanding quality coffee (particularly when used in conjunction with the new Carte Noire Professional bean) including cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, americano and the ability to produce two drinks at a time as well as steamed or frothed milk.  They are easy to use and remarkably straightforward to clean given that they all use fresh milk.  Typically fresh milk systems are more problematic to maintain but the intuitive TFT screen on the GIGA range walk the user through the cleaning cycles making the process as easy as possible.  All the drinks are also easily customized both in terms of strength and size in order to suit the customers requirements.  The thermal-block heating systems used in these machines allow for almost instantaneous heating and recovery times between drinks.

Flexible term rental or purchase deals are available on all of this equipment.  Full service cover is always included as is delivery, installation and staff training.  A wide range of optional extras including milk fridges, cup warmers, trolleys, disposable cups and crockery are all available to complete the offering from these stylish coffee makers.

If advice as to which Jura may be suitable for the office is required then call 0845 061 1122 and an experienced coffee consultant can be arranged to visit your business in order to offer advice as to the best system for you.

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Repair service for Kenco coffee machines

There are many thousands of Kenco coffee vending machines out in the UK workplace today.  Many are older machines that were originally supplied by Kraft Foods and are now not supported by any service cover.  If you have an older Kenco machine, be it a Kenco Singles brewer or in cup system, we can offer either ad hoc service support as and when faults arise or an all inclusive service package covering both parts and labour for any breakdowns that may occur.  A fully trained and highly experienced team of technicians with many years of experience is available for repairing this type of equipment and the repairs are not as expensive as one might think.

Full refurbishment is also available for older equipment if you would like a bit of a face lift for an old Kenco Singles machine.  This equipment is very well manufactured and with a bit of TLC will give you many years of service and mean that you can avoid the expense of purchasing or hiring a new piece of equipment.  In this instance the front door can be replaced, the hot tank descaled and the rubber and plastic parts replaced.  Once the machine is fully tested the refurbishment is complete and the Kenco Singles machine should continue to work well for a number of years to come.

Water filtration is very important in London and towns nearby such as High Wycombe and Aylesbury as the hard water leads to a lot of limescale build up in coffee equipment.  Our range of water filters will help to minimize this problem and in doing so give you both a more reliable machine and better drink quality.

Repairs are almost always a cheaper option than sourcing new equipment and in many cases there is no reason why they won’t allow a coffee machine to run for many more years.  For more information or to book a technician call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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Vending Machine Operators & Online Suppliers – is there a difference?

In a word – yes! Nowadays a quick internet search will reveal a very large number of companies that can supply your business with its refreshment requirements. That said a sizeable number of them are simply geared up to take product orders and ship them out to you. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. This is what I refer to as an Online Supplier. If you need a machine or you need a fault fixed I’m afraid you’re stuck!
Vending Operators are a different breed entirely. A true vending operator works with you on many levels to ensure you have a total solution bespoke to your specific needs.
This starts with the human touch. Every customer has its own dedicated account manager who will walk you through the process of selecting the right system for you and will be your contact for the duration of your business relationship together: your go to person for any queries you may wish to discuss.
The true vending operator will be able to supply a large range of vending equipment from the latest innovations in bean 2 cup coffee machines to traditional snacks and cold drinks machines. Where required they should even be able to provide a fully managed service if this is needed – cleaning/filling the machines, reconciling cash and of course providing a full warranty package for parts, labour and engineer visits using their own in house highly qualified engineering staff.
The engineering team is also on hand to help with any technical enquiries like installation help and training on the use and general day to day maintenance to keep your vending machine in tip top condition.
All companies change, be that their size, their location or their refreshment tastes. Vending operators are acutely aware of the need to be able to support their customers ever changing requirements and provide suitable support. This may be simply providing a larger machine or upgrading to a bean 2 cup coffee machine from a traditional instant ingredient one; but it may also be to assist with a move to newer premises.
So there is a lot more to vending than just shipping boxes of coffee! Food for thought the next time you are looking for a vending partner.

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The advantages of a truly local office coffee machine supplier

If you trawl the internet there are a lot of companies that purport to offer office coffee machines for rent or sale.  Whilst there are some good companies out there it is absolutely a better option to opt for a truly local supplier.  Here at Kenco Local Business Service we offer a local service to UK towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead.  As we located so close we can offer truly exceptional levels of service including quick deliveries and a great service response to machine faults.  We have our own in house delivery and service departments which allow us to not only offer speedy response times but also a bespoke service where necessary.

We offer a range of office coffee equipment ranging from table top bean to cup machines using fresh milk and producing coffee shop standard lattes and cappuccinos to fully automatic floor standing office coffee vending machines.  We can even offer to fill and clean the larger machines for you, saving you the work and hassle of this operation.  With all of the equipment that we supply we can offer all of the consumables that you may require for use in the equipment as well as a comprehensive technical support service.  As you may imagine we supply Kenco coffee but you may not realise that we also supply Carte Noire coffee beans, allowing you to offer a truly up market experience in your office.

If you are unsure what machine would be most suitable for your workplace then why not ask one of our experienced sales team to visit to advise you on the most appropriate system.  This is a free of charge service and ensures that you get the right machine for your needs. If you are based in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire or London then you will not find a supplier of office coffee machines that can offer you the service levels that we can.  For more information please call us on 0845 061 1122.

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“Win Your Joy” Cadbury snack machine promotion

Mondelez have announced their new “Win Your Joy” on pack promotion.  If you buy a winning pack then you can contact Cadbury direct and tell them what makes you happy.  They will then produce this out of chocolate and ship it to you withing twenty four hours.  This is available on all Cadbury lines including the wide range that are available through our snack vending machines.

To stand a chance of winning just buy a Cadbury product from one of our many snacks machines around London.  For more information call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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