6,500,000 hot drinks sold through our coffee and vending machines in 2013!

As a bit of fun we decided to work out how many hot drinks our vending and coffee machines had dispensed in 2013.  The total was an eye watering 6,500,000 hot drinks!  The vast majority of these were coffees but there was a fair amount of tea through the coffee vending machines and the Kenco Singles brewers.  This breaks down to 125,000 drinks per week or 17,857 drinks per day.  That is a lot of coffee!!

The biggest growth area by far has been in whole beans through bean to cup machines.  The total of hot drinks produced by our machines this year is approximately 1,200,000.  This is up by about 15% compared to last year which does reflect the overall market trend towards a demand for higher quality coffee in the workplace.

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