A Guns or Butter Choice: Coffee Vending Machines or Industrial Coffee Machines?

For many people who need to serve large quantities of coffee round the clock, it actually becomes a guns or butter choice. Should they invest in coffee vending machines or in an industrial coffee machine? The reason for this uncertainty is that while the latter require a bigger initial outlay, the former might prove more expensive in the long run with the frequency with which parts need replacement or the machines require servicing.

Take a look at why you need to buy a coffee vending machine in the first place. The four canister coffee vending machines can produce up to eight different drinks, eg., black and white coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee. This type of machine is good where high volumes of drinks are dispensed in a short space of time. So if they are required to be placed in a normal sized office cafeteria, coffee vending machines make sense.

However, those who need to service a busy restaurant or café would probably find an industrial coffee machine a wiser buy. Some of the models have built in accessories like knock out bars, milk frothing wands, filters, and bean grinders. In case you have bought a model that needs these accessories and you might as well buy from a brand that you know and trust and that the industrial coffee machines were built to work with. Just like the machines, if all of the accessories are of the highest quality they will continue to work for you over time.

The industrial coffee machine technology has improved over the years. So now you can choose from a stylish and sleek range of machines which will serve you the finest coffee. There was a time, not so very long ago, when a cup of coffee was simply a cup of coffee. The only variety depended on the quality of bean and how much cream and/or sugar each individual chose to add to their cup. Now with all the kind of variety that is required to provide people their shot of caffeine, one needs to look closely at what kind of coffee vending machine to buy.

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