A regional coffee machine supplier.

We predominantly offer coffee machines and vending machines in London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Berkshire.The reason that we concentrate on this relatively small region is that we can offer a far better delivery service and technical back up on our coffee machines.

We have a number of high profile customers that demand a high level of technical back up on their coffee machines.These range from hotels and hospitals where a broken down bean to cup coffee machine at ANY time of day can be a problem, busy restaurants where down time on their commercial coffee machine means lost revenue, to busy offices where the office coffee machine really keeps the whole place going.  In any of these scenarios we need to be able to respond quickly and, importantly achieve a first time fix.It’s all well and good attending a broken coffee vending machine quickly but if you can’t fix it first time then the response time is irrelevant.  By concentrating on this smaller area when can respond quickly, in addition all our technicians carry a large number of spare parts.  Their training has been wide ranging.  So whether they are confronted with a broken Kenco Singles machine or a leaking office coffee vending machine they will attend quickly, have the experience to diagnose the fault and are likely to have the part to fix the fault.

Don’t forget that even if you sourced your coffee machine or vending machine elsewhere we can offer a technical service on either a warranty or call out basis.Call the office on 01494 785808 to find out more.

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