Bean to Cup Coffee Machines In London

Kenco Local Business Service are one of the foremost experts on bean to cup coffee machines in the London region.  We cover all areas north and south in london including the City of London, West End of London and the Docklands area.  We are based just outside the M25, near Hemel Hempstead, and a number of our technicians, operators, delivery drivers and sales team are permanently based within London.  This gives the company the perfect structure in order to support our customers based in the capital city.

Broadly we offer two different bean to cup coffee systems: machines that use fresh milk and those that use a milk substitute.  The machines that we recommend if you would like to go down the fresh milk route are the Jura range of equipment.  At the bottom end you have the Jura C9 and the Jura XS90 coffee machines.  These are very good bits of kit capable of producing an espresso, cappuccino or latte at the touch of a button.  They are small machines suitable for use as a small office coffee machine.  At the other end of the spectrum you have the Jura Giga X9 and the Jura Giga X9.  These are much larger machines capable of being plumbed into your mains water and producing up to 250 drinks per day.  They feature two bean hoppers which allows you to use two different types of coffee beans and feature three and two heating systems respectively, allowing them extra capacity.  All of the Jura range of coffee machines, large or small,  look great, are easy to use and produce a great coffee.

If you would like a bean to cup cappuccino machine that does not use fresh milk and therefore does not have the cleaning issues associated with fresh milk then the N & W “K” range is a good place to start.  The small machine is the Koro, the medium sized machine the Korinto and the high capacity offering the Kobalto.  All of these produce a great espesso base for their coffee, are easy to use and clean and, I think, look great.  As with the Jura range the main difference is the capacity of the machines and the odd extra drink choice.

Although much of our business is based in the London area we do also cover other localities such as High Wycombe, Slough, Reading, Aylesbury, Maidenhead and Hatfield.  For more information please call the office.  We can arrange a visit from one of our sales team or a demonstration of one of our machines.

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