Bean to Cup Coffee Vending

Sadly many people’s opinion of floor standing coffee vending machines is a largely negative one.  Over the years office coffee vending machines have gotten a bad reputation for using poor ingredients, small cheap plastic cups and being badly looked after.  All of this means that the product delivered has, in the past, been insipid in taste and often lacking the appearance that you may have come to expect of a cappuccino from your favourite coffee shop.  Having said all of this it is important to state that you no longer have to accept this quality of drink from your office coffee vending machine.

The Kenco bean to cup K bar offers you a larger 9oz bean to cup coffee in a quality branded paper cup that actually looks like the cappuccino or latte that you are expecting.  The drink is made out of real coffee beans and Milfresh.  Milfresh is 100% milk granules which give you a genuine milk froth on your frothy drinks.  There are no sweeteners or other additives contained in this product, only skimmed milk.  The K Bar is a fully automatic system that can be fitted with a full change giving payment system and also a chiller unit in case you wanted to dispense chilled fruit drinks as well as the range of freshly ground coffees.  In other words all you have to do is press a button and your cappuccino or chilled fruit drink is delivered, ready made, to you in an attractively branded paper cup.

A good alternative to the K bar is the Astro coffee vending system.  Again this can be bean to cup and offers the same range of freshly ground coffees as does the k bar.  However with the Astro you have the ability to dispense into either paper or plastic cups from 7 to 12ozs in size or even have the machine to dispense your drink directly into your own mug.  Over the years many people in many different work places have told us that the receptacle that they prefer to drink out of is their own mug.  In addition to this the Astro can produce a fresh brew tea made from real PG Tips tea leaves as well as giving you decaffeinated options and even a soup.  There is strength adjustment on the machine allowing you to tailor the drink to your specific requirements.  It is also possible to fit almost any payment system onto it including a full change giver or a card system which can be integrated into your access or security systems.

As these machines demonstrate you do not have to accept poor quality drinks in your office coffee vending machine.  It is entirely possible to produce a coffee that is comparable with a high street coffee shop.

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