Canto Touch coffee vending machine is now available

Canto Touch Coffee Vending Machine

Canto Touch Coffee Vending Machine

The clever people at N & W Global vending have launched the Canto Touch coffee vending machine complete with a 21.5 inch touch screen.  This screen interacts with the user to allow them to build their own drink.  The screen also allows for a variety of media to be played when the machine is not being used.  This could include marketing videos, company branding, news or anything else that you might want.  Have a look at  the N & W YouTube channel for a demonstration of the features available.

While the touch screen is very impressive the coffee is also of a very high quality.  The new Z4000 brewer creates a great espresso base for the variety of coffees produced by the Canto.  Fresh brew tea, hot chocolate and soup are also available making the Canto Touch a great all round choice for a variety of locations.

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