Cappuccino Coffee Machines To Rent

We get a lot of customers ringing us up asking for a cappuccino coffee machine or a cappuccino machine.  “What is this?”; I hear you ask.  Well, that is a very good question.  Technically we don’t refer to any of our equipment as a cappuccino coffee machine, however it is probably fair to say that what these customers are asking for is a piece of equipment that will produce a good quality cappuccino at the touch of a button.  Broadly this kind of equipment falls into two categories.  Machines that use fresh milk and those that use a milk substitute.

If you are looking to provide a cappuccino from fresh milk then you can’t go too far wrong with the Jura range of coffee machines.  At the lower end of the spectrum you have machines such as the C9 or the XS90.  At the other end of the spectrum you have the Impressa X9 and the Giga X7 and Giga X9.  All of these machines use fresh milk and whole coffee beans to produce their coffee based drinks.  The differences mainly revolve around the different capacities of the machines.  Simply put the judging what is the most suitable machine is down to what capacity is required.  If you are producing 20 – 30 drinks per day then the Jura C9 coffee machine probably the most suitable.  If, however, you are looking to produce 150 – 200 drinks per day than the Giga X9 may be the best option.  In all cases these machines will produce a cappuccino at the touch of a button and in all cases if you are looking to produce a lot of hot water for tea then we would always recommend that you add a hot water boiler to your offering.

An alternative to a fresh milk system is a coffee vending machine that uses a milk substitute.  There are people that turn their noses up at this on principle.  However if you use a good quality product such as milfresh you can produce a great quality drink.  In terms of the coffee machines themselves we would always recommend the N & W range of equipment.  This includes the Koro, Korinto and Kobalto bean to cup coffee vending machines.  All of these produce a cappuccino from real coffee beans and produce it at a touch of a button.  Much like the Jura range of equipment the main difference between the machines is in the capacity.  The Koro is a small coffee machine capable of making high quality drinks but in smaller numbers whereas the Kobalto coffee vending machine can also produce chocolate and decaffeinated instant coffee as well as being able to cope with the most demanding of circumstances.  The Korinto bean to cup coffee machine sits in between the other two in terms of size and capacity.  It is our most popular table top bean to cup machine.

There are other bits of equipment in our range and it is always best to get the expert view on what is going to be most suitable for your particular circumstances.  To those ends we would always recommend talking ot one of our experienced sales team.  We are happy to visit you in order to have a good look at what you require and recommend the most suitable solution.  We can also make trial machines available in certain circumstances to help ensure that you end up with the right piece of equipment for you.  For more information please call the office.

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