Choosing the right coffee vending machine for your office

These days a coffee vending machine is a familiar site in most offices.  As you are probably aware there are a great many different models available, indeed the choice can be bewildering.  So the question is where to start and how to make a decision?

Perhaps a good place to start is to ask the question how many people will be using it and therefore roughly how many drinks per day do you think it may have to produce.  The next question is what style of drinks are looking for your system to make and how much cleaning are you prepared to budget for.  

 If you are looking at a low capacity machine producing less than 30 – 40 drinks per day, that also requires very little cleaning, then the Kenco Singles machine is a good bet. It can be either filled with water by hand or plumbed into your mains. The machine itself is relatively low in price althoug the drinks are slightly more than other systems. This makes the Singles brewer ideal in a lower volume site that is looking for good quality filter tea and coffee.

If however you are looking for a bean to cup machine for a smaller site and are happy to do some daily cleaning then the Jura XS90 is a good bet.  It will produce a range of speciality coffees at a touch of a button including cappuccino, latte and espresso.  When comparing it to the Kenco Singles machine the advantages are the drink cost is lower, it will produce frothy coffees with real milk and it will produce a larger drink.  The down sides are that it requires a cleaning cycle to be run every day, the machine itself is much more expensive and it doesn’t produce tea or chocolate.  One other upside of a genuine bean to cup machine in an office environment is that you get the lovely smell of freshly ground coffee permeating through the office.  I think that this is a good thing although perhaps not everyone will agree with me!

If  you are looking for a high capacity machine that requires little looking after then the in cup system is a good one to consider.  A Network or K bar is a fully automatic, floor standing hot drinks machine that will offer a wide range of coffees, hot chocolate, tea and soups with little looking after it required.  The down side is that the coffee is widely regarded as not as good as a bean to cup offer.  An alternative is the Astro bean to cup system.  Like the Network this is a floor standing fully auotomatic machine.  The difference is that the coffee is bean to cup and it can dispense up to a 12oz drink unlike the 7oz in cup drink.  The downside is that it does require more cleaning.  If you are looking for a high capacity bean to cup machine that uses fresh milk then the Jura Giga X9 is a very good option.  It will produce a wide range of speciality coffees at the touch of a button in up to a 12oz measure.  However it will not produce chocolate and tea.  The other point to consider is that like all fresh milk systems it will require a daily cleaning cycle to be run.  Failure to run this will cause a problem and technical problems that are caused by lack of cleaning are not covered under our warranty. 

These are just a few different ideas for your office coffee machine but there are many other different options available.  For some guidance on what is the most suitable system for you please give us a call and we would be happy to send out one of our experienced sales team to give you some advice.

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