Coffee and vending in a hospital environment

We have a great deal of experience in providing both coffee and vending solutions in hospital settings.  I thought that I would set out a few ideas if you were thinking of providing these services in a hospital or healthcare setting.

Firstly there are often cafes and/or restaurants in many hospitals.  Typically these would need a high capacity coffee machine that will dispense good quality coffee.  An automatic bean to cup machine that is capable of delivering up to a 12oz drink would seem to be a good fit.  To those ends the Kobalto would seem ideal.  It is robust, easy to use, reliable and capable of producing a very nice coffee, cappuccino or latte.  Withe it’s three instant ingredient canisters it will also allow you to service frothy hot chocolate, decaffeinated coffee options and deliver hot water for tea.  Ideally in this kind of scenario a water boiler would sit along side the coffee machine to provide a bit of back up and share the work load.  This also allows you to serve hot water for tea much more quickly.  An alternative to the Kobalto would be S200.  This offers many of the same features as the Kobalto but is available with touch screen controls and with the option to use fresh milk.

Around a typical hospital there are generally a number of receptions and waiting areas.  In these it is sometimes an idea to provide tea and coffee facilities, particularly if the waiting time can stretch into hours rather than a few minutes.  In this case a floor standing fully automatic machine with a coin mechanism would seem to be a good option.  The Voce is sturdy, reliable, stylish and produces a good quality drink.  It is available as either a bean to cup version or using soluble coffee (which is cheaper and dispenses faster).  Either way it would allow for drinks to be charged for and for patients to help themselves.  In some private hospitals coffee is given away free of charge to patients waiting in clinic reception areas.  The Kenco Singles machine is an easy to use, hygienic and reliable option.  We have also had success in these sites with table top small and medium sized bean to cup machines such as the Korinto or Koro Max.  These have the look and feel of a real “coffee machine” rather than a vending system and allow the customer or patient to help themselves to a genuinely good quality bean to cup cappuccino.

In staff canteen areas then floor standing coffee vending equipment such as the Voce or Astro is often a good bet.  Both area high capacity, reliable, simple to use and can be fitted with payment control.  A wide range of hot drinks (including tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and soup) are available at the touch of a button.  Both the Voce and the Astro allow the customer the choice to use a disposable paper cup from the machines internal cup dispenser of place their own mug in the delivery area and dispense the drink into that.

Meeting rooms can be catered for easily with the Kenco Singles brewer.  It is small, reliable, easily moved and easy to use.  It allows for the production of freshly filtered tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

The Rondo or Snakky machines will allow for snacks and/or chilled drinks to be vended at any price that you like any where that you can fit a vending machine.  This type of equipment allows for a wide range of products to be vended from crisps and chocolate bars to cans and bottles of soft drinks.  Our trained operators can visit your hospital to keep them filled up if you do not have the inclination or resources to do it.

Whatever you requirements for coffee and vending machines we have all bases covered.  If you are looking to provide this kind of equipment for a healthcare or hospital site then we have a lot of experience in providing the right solution.  If you would like one of our experienced sales consultants to visit in order to advise you as to the best options that are available then please call the office on 0845 061 1122.  We cover the whole of London as well as local towns such as Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Hemel Hempstead.

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