Coffee Lovers Deserve a Machine that is Serious about Coffee Quality

Coffee lovers the world over are very serious about the quality of the brew that they are served up. On top of that you want that the coffee machine you use should be elegant and complement the d├ęcor of the room or office. When you are looking for an appropriate office coffee machine you want something like the one touch Jura Ena 9. This is a small bean to cup system ideal for a domestic setting or even very small offices, reception areas and small meeting rooms. It is a small bean to cup coffee machine that will produce a cracking espresso or coffee as well as milk based drinks such as latte and cappuccino.

However, if you need something bigger then you could look at something like the Roma Bean to Cup which is brand new to the drinks market. It is what all table top machines should be measured against since in addition to a great bean to cup offering, it has the option of instant drinks as well. If you want to provide a decaf option or don’t want to use beans all the time, this excellent machine allows you the flexibility to do just that. Neon-effect backlighting helps make your machine stand out from the crowd. For locales which have a heavy demand and you might need to dispense as many as 1400 cups daily, then the Refresh 1400is perfect. Its illuminated cup station ensures that no one can miss it even in a crowd and it packs all the advantages of a fully automatic machine.

If you are not too sure of which model is the most appropriate for the needs of your office, then you could look at coffee machine rental options. Typically the costs of rental and servicing the vending machines may be higher than if dealing with the vending companies direct. Make sure that you rent the machine with a maintenance contract that covers all repairs. Another option could be to pay for each cup you drink. That way the per-cup-price will cover the machine rental, the maintenance, the consumables and any staff attached to fill and clean them.

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