Coffee Machine Lease – Are Your Warrantied?

There are many advantages and disadvantages in choosing to lease a coffee machine instead of purchasing.  Obvious advantages to leasing your coffee vending machine include spreading the cost over a period of years (very beneficial to your cash flow), easier budgeting and the ability to put the leasing cost against tax in the first year.  In addition to this you are not left with an old coffee vending machine at the end of three or five years that you don’t want as you can simply upgrade your machine with a new lease.  Clearly if you purchase a machine you then have to think of the disposal of it also.

There are the expected advantages to purchasing outright.  Overall you pay less money as the lease company will also need to make their profit in any lease deal.  The longer you keep a purchased coffee vending machine the more cost effective it becomes.

There is one aspect that many people do not think of when they decide to lease their vending machine or coffee machine:  this is the warranty.  Often a coffee vending machine will not have any warranty included in the lease.  Customers often assume that if they are paying monthly they will be covered in the event of a breakdown but many times this is not the case.  It is worth ensuring that you specify any service over, and the level of that service cover with your potential coffee vending machine supplier when your negotiate the deal.  Here at Kenco Local Business Service we always include a full warranty with any lease or rental deal that we enter into.  However not every vending company is a scrupulous as us.  If you have been left high and dry by your current supplier please give us a call as we offer a comprehensive service package.  If you are thinking about renting or leasing a coffee vending machine then also call us and we will make sure that we look after your courteously and professionally.  There is nothing hidden in our deals and no nasty surprises.

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