Coffee machines to rent for your pub

In this country we have become much more demanding about the quality of coffee taht we expect.  This had led to environments where traditionally there wasn’t a demand for high quality requiring a much better quality offering.  One such environment is your local pub.  A few years ago a mug of tea or an instant coffee were the drinks that you might have expected to be offered but now the expectation is for a range of speciality coffees including latte and cappuccino.  Having said this the number of hot drinks served in a pub might not always be that high.

A good solution for this would the Koro bean to cup coffee machine.  It is a small, table top machine that can produce frothy coffees at the touch of a button.  It uses a milk substitute (we strongly recommend Milfresh) rather than fresh milk.  This means that there is awfull lot less cleaning required than with fresh milk.  The quality of drink is fantastic, it’s relatively cheap and will comfortably cope delivering 40 – 50 cups a day.  This type of capacity would suit all but the busiest pubs. 

If you like the sound of this but would like to offer hot chocolate then the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine is an alternative option.  It offers the same coffee choice as the Koro but with a canister for chocolate powder.  Overall it is a larger, higher capacity machine.  Unlike the Koro it must be plumbed in as there is no facility to have it manually filled.

Either of these machine are available to buy or to lease along with a wide range of other coffee systems.  If you would like more information then please call the office.  You may benefit from some advice from our highly experienced sales team.  They would be happy to visit your pub and recommend a suitable system for you.

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