Coffee shop style drinks from your office coffee vending machine

It is now possible to produce large frothy coffees from your office coffee vending machine.  The new Astro “Big One” will produce 12oz cappuccinos and lattes in a high quality branded paper cups.  Traditionally it has only been possible to produce 7 or 9oz drinks from your office coffee machine, but now the Astro raises the bar for office coffee machines with the following features:

  • 12oz paper cups with drink size of approx 250cc
  • Coffee house quality, high street experience and vending flexibility
  • Competes with “coffee to go” retailers
  • 300 cup capacity makes it suitable for a variety of locations
  • Available in three different layouts, with fresh bean coffee and fresh brew tea options
  • Easy drink selection from large direct selection buttons
  • Expertly crafted, fresh bean taste, a perfect coffee every time

For more information call the office on 01494 785808……

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