Coffee Vending In Hospitals

The modern hospital is often a vast and varied environment with many different requirements in the various areas.   At Kenco Local Business Service we have coffee vending machine options to suit you whatever your needs and whatever the setting.

We have recently done a lot of work in Private Hospitals in Central London.  In these the coffees and are often given away free and there is an expectation that the drinks quality should be very good indeed.  In these settings there is often a small kitchen serving each ward.  Into these kitchens we have placed a lot of Korintos and, in the busier wards, Kobaltos.  These are push button, fully automatic table top bean to cup coffee machines that use a milk substitute (we highly recommend Milfresh).  They are easy to use and maintain and give an absolutely top quality coffee or cappuccino.  Importantly we have been using this range of equipment for around three years and have found them to be much more reliable than other equivalent machines in the market place today.  Lastly, but still very importantly, they are extremely well priced given their specification.

In NHS Hospitals there is often more of a need for more traditional floor standing coffee vending machines with coin mechanisms.  Often these are positioned in waiting areas or Accident and Emergency departments.  Ideally these need to be robust and self contained.  The Astro or the Refresh 1400 coffee vending machines are ideal in these scenarios as they have a high capacity, are reliable and produce a wide range of hot drinks that will enable you to meet most of your patients requirements.  Both machines can be fitted with a full change giving mechanism and even note readers if you so wish.

The Kenco Singles machine is ideal for quieter areas of the hospital such as consultants offices or waiting areas where there is a need to have a hot drinks offer but no need or desire to have a fully automatic vending offer.  They are easy to use, remarkably reliable and produce a very acceptable drink indeed.

Every hospital is different and will require different solutions.  I have tried to show you some different examples here but we are capable of finding a solution for you whatever the requirements.  Our experienced sales team have a lot of expertise in this area so please do feel free to tap into this.

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