Coffee Vending Machine Lease And Rental Versus Free On Loan

There are a few coffee vending machine companies who will offer a “free loan” coffee vending machine or office coffee machine.  Indeed in certain circumstances we will offer this deal.  On the face of it it seems like a great idea for you the customer – who wouldn’t like a free coffee vending machine?  However before putting pen to paper it would be wise to consider the following points.

In a free on loan agreement you will almost certainly be required to order a minimum number of drinks every month and if you do not you will be hit with a penalty charge.  If you rent your coffee machine then typically there are no minimum order quantities that you need to acheive each month.  You simply order what you require, when you require it.  If you are hit with penalty charges then often you will realise that it would have been cheaper to simple lease or rent your coffee machine in the first place.

The second point to consider is that with a free loan coffee machine is that the coffee is often higher in price.  In other words the machine is not really “free”, you simply pay for it through the drinks.  Again you may find that a rental or lease coffee machine is actually cheaper all round.

While not all free loan deals are bad it is definitely worth carefully considering whether a coffee machine rental or lease may indeed be better value for your and your company.  Our sales team are very experienced with both types of deal.  Please phone the office for more details.

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