Controlling the costs of your office coffee machine

If you are an employer and would like to provide an office coffee machine for your staff you may be worried about controlling the costs.  Many employers would like in principle to give free tea and coffee away but are very conscious that this generosity can sometimes be abused or that they may simply underestimate the amount of hot drinks that their staff will consume.  There are various ways that this can be controlled.

In the last few months we have put out a number of K Bar coffee vending machines which have been part pay vend and part free vend.  In other words the teas and coffees have been free for staff to use but the speciality drinks such as the cappuccino, hot chocolate or latte have cost 20p or 30p to dispense.  In this way the money raised from the drinks that are charged for can off set the cost of thefree drinks a little.  In all probability it will not pay for all of the free drinks but it does help to manage the costs.

An alternative is a key or card system.  In this instance the coffee vending machine is fitted with a key or card reader and each member of staff is issued with a key or card which is programmed to give a set number of free drinks per day.  After this number has been used up the member of staff has to pay to use the coffee vending machine.  This approach allows the employer to have total control over how many drinks he or she gives away.  The numbers given away can be changed at a later date so costs can be adjusted as you go along.

Another option is to charge part of the cup cost for all drinks to your staff.  For example if the cost to the company per drink is 15p then you could charge them 10p.  This is a very simple way of managing costs.

A scenario that we have seen employed in some workplaces is free vend windows.  For example you may want to give free drinks with breakfast or lunch.  In this instance you can simply leave the coffee vending machine on free vend for this period and change it to pay vend in between.

As you can see there are a variety of options available to you that should allow you to keep costs down whilst still giving your staff something.  If you would like to rent an office coffee machine and discuss any of these options please call the office.

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