Dispense Hot and Cold Drinks with Coca Cola Coffee Machines

There are so many kinds of drinks vending machines that you need to take a call on whether you want a can vending machine or a coca cola coffee machine . It really depends on whether you need to serve only a wide variety of drinks or whether you need to offer some kind of snacks too. A can vending machine will dispense a wide range of well known traditional soft drink brand names including, Coke, Diet Coke, 7UP, Lilt and Tango, as well as snacks including Walkers, Cadburys, Mars, McCoys, McVities and Nestle.

There are many kinds of traditional snacks like nuts, biscuits, chocolates, fruit smoothies and pretzels which are packaged in both cans and packets/bottles. Usually a can vending machine will be able to handle both kinds. The combi vending machines can vend crisps, bars, cans and bottles from the same machine — a prime example being the Bevmax Combi Vending Machines. The Snakky Max snacks can vending machine offers a very flexible layout which can be configured to your requirements incorporating cans, bottles as well as snacks and confectionary items, including chocolate.

One of the most popular coffee machines is the Kenco Singles machine which is very easy to use. These table top coffee machines are attractively styled and possess a small footprint, enabling them to fit into spaces that many other office coffee machines wouldn’t be able to. High quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate can all be dispensed from them. If you need a Coca Cola coffee machine one option would be the Refresh 1400 coffee vending machine. This is a fully automatic drinks machine that offers a wide range of teas, coffees, chocolate, soups, fruit and other soft drinks.

Any choice you make will be or should be guided by how many people need to be served on a daily basis; what are their normal drink preferences; do the typical users pay for their drinks or are they being given gratis? That and what your budget is will help you decide whether you want a can vending machine or a Coca Cola coffee machine .

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