Don’t Even Move the Cup to Get the Drink You Want

Everyone has a favorite kind when it comes to coffee. Some like it milky, while others want a strong brew which kickstarts a hard day at work. Catering to everyone’s taste can be an uphill task. With the Giga X7 on your side it won’t be. This coffee machine from the Jura stable brings the advantages of the Jura name, making it ideal for small to medium establishments. You can serve as many as 180 cups of different kinds of hot drinks daily. Unlike many coffee machines, it will give you tea and hot chocolate apart from specialty coffees. In fact, its dual fluid systems allow the Giga X7 to make two black or milk coffees at the same time.

The power steam wand automatically heats and froths milk into barista quality foam at your selected temperature while it makes espressos. It can also simply heat milk for chocolates. Alternately, you can draw plain hot water for tea. In the Giga coffee machine milk is automatically drawn from the fridge, heated and frothed into fine texture foam for café quality milk coffees at the touch of a button. The fine foam milk system can produce a café quality milk texture which makes preparing a latte macchiato as easy as nodding. Its dual ceramic disk grinders can grind up to 16 grams of coffee so that you can dispense your coffee non-stop through the day without stopping to refill.

The low wear ceramic disks produce a finer grind, without heating the coffee and with less variation than in most beans to cup machines for better coffee extraction. The fully automatic operation ensures that just about anybody who knows how to press buttons can brew a delicious cup of coffee. Hygiene is always a concern for those who have to deal with food and beverages. The integrated cleaning, rinsing and decalcifying programs of the Giga X7 guarantee TUV-certified hygiene. The new TFT display makes maintenance easy since you get maintenance status prompts. With a 25 month guarantee backing it, you should cast aside your doubts and go for it.

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