Ease of Maintenance and Usage is Always a Desirable Quality

Smart electronics, user friendliness and ease of maintenance are a given with all Jura coffee machines. Take the Jura Giga X9 for instance. It prepares the full range of specialty coffees at the touch of a button since it is powered by three thermoblocks and three pumps. Its power steam system and sophisticated nozzle technology guarantee professional quality milk foam every time. The milk temperature, which is key to getting the perfect blend, is monitored by the built-in sensor continuously which triggers an automatic switch-off when the optimum temperature is reached. The bean to cup experience is enhanced by two high-performance ceramic grinders which are controlled by electronic motors to guarantee quick, precise, even and consistent grinding for many years to come.

It is ideal for barista bars, cafés, coffee lounges, bistros and even for medium to small offices since it can dispense to milk coffees at the same time. Alternately you can get black coffee and hot water at the same time. It can deliver 30 litres of hot water per hour or power steam for frothing milk. If you need an efficient coffee machine for continuous everyday use, this compact solution with professional permanent water connection is the answer. The Giga X9 © Professional offers very long maintenance intervals, especially when used in conjunction with a Claris filter system. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene. On the other hand, if you need more variety but few drinks — around 50 cups daily — then the Jura XS90 coffee machine is meant for you.

Whether you want fresh ground coffee or a pre-ground blend, it offers you both options. It has two separate integrated heating systems to facilitate seamless, instantaneous switching from hot water to steam production. The machine takes you through the necessary operating and programming steps in a choice of seven languages. This coffee machine prepares your specialty coffee with milk at the touch of a button without you having to move the cup. This machine is visually aesthetic, easy to use and churns out delicious coffee.

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