Highlights of 2013

2013 has been quite a busy year and there have been a number of highlights over the course of it for Kenco Local Business Service.  On the equipment side of the business we placed our first Voce floor standing coffee vending machines into customer sites.  These stylish, robust and reliable machines have proved to be a big hit.  They offer a wide variety of options including bean to cup, freshbrew and/or instant coffee as well as freshbrew or instant tea and chocolate, decaffeinated coffee and soup.  There are a variety of drink sizes available ranging from 7oz through 9oz and up to 12oz.  There is even the option to use your own cup if you prefer.  As with most equipment manufactured by Crane the build quality is very high and the machine exceptionally durable.  We also feel that the Voce is the best looking floor standing coffee vending system available in the UK today

Another huge success story this year for us has been the introduction of the Krea bean to cup coffee machine from manufacturer N & W.  The enthusiasm with which this machine has been greeted with by our customers is nothing short of astonishing.  A fantastic bean to cup coffee offering is supplemented by a delicious hot chocolate option and a soluble coffee canister that allows the Krea to produce a full range of decaffeinated options.  Cappuccinos, lattes and mochas are all made from freshly ground coffee beans and there is even a variant of the machine that features internal cup and sugar dispensers.  The Krea looks amazing and is surprisingly well-priced for a machine of its type.  It has arguably been the single biggest success story of the year.

The Jura range of coffee machines has gone from strength to strength.  The Jura GIGA range of equipment are still proving very popular, particularly in London offices and the Jura XJ9 adds another strong (and fantastic looking) offering from the Jura commercial fleet.  The Jura machines are always popular with customers although care attention needs to be paid to the cleaning regime that is required to keep them in tip top working order.

Bean to cup coffee machines as a whole have proved to be exceptionally popular for us this year as have sales of whole coffee beans themselves with volume sales of these products showing a healthy growth.  Mondelez have been keen to push Millicano Wholebean Instant Coffee into the vending market and we have found a number of customers who have been happy to take this on and been very happy with the results.  Where it has been very well received is in sites where the customer did not have the budget to change the coffee equipment but did want to offer a higher quality drink.  Millicano will work through any system that uses soluble coffee to produce it’s drinks and is an easy way of giving your staff a better quality coffee without spending a fortune on new equipment.  One slight caveat to this is that it is best to have the machine re-calibrated by one of our technicians before running Millicano through it as the optimum taste is produced with a slightly different gram throw than with standard granulated coffee.

Overall 2013 was a very good year for the business and cemented our realization that the market is moving towards a higher quality coffee offer, be that from whole beans or from a good quality instant coffee such as Millicano.  Gone are the days where a “wet and warm” drink served in a cheap plastic cup will suffice from your office coffee machine.  For more information on any of our new products, be they machines or consumables, please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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