How will Kenco Millicano work in your coffee vending machine

With Kraft launching Millicano into the vending market there is bound to be some conjecture as to what coffee vending machines will be suitable for use with it. 

Kenco Millicano is a soluble product that contains 15% finely milled coffee beans and 85% freeze dried soluble coffee which instantly delivers the full bodied mouth feel of a bean to cup coffee.  From this I am sure that you can infer that this product works in the same way as a traditional soluble product.  What this actually means in practice is that any machine that you use coffee granules in will be able to use Kenco Millicano.  Machines that are suitable are therefore the Maxi, Crane Vision, Astro and many more.  Basically any machine that dispenses soluble coffee from a canister will be able to use the Kenco Millicano.

You may well ask why use Millicano?  In simple terms it is a way of offering a bean to cup quality drink through a soluble ingredient coffee machine.  In practical terms the benefits include a quicker drink dispense time as a bean to cup drinks takes almost 30 seconds longer to dispense.  A soluble ingredients machine is anywhere between £500 and £1000 cheaper, so there is a significant cost saving.  The cost of a coffee produced from Kenco Millicano is typically 1 to 2p cheaper, so there is an ongoing reduction in costs.  On average bean to cup coffee machines are more complicated and go wrong more often than simpler soluble ingredients machines.  Bean to cup coffee machines generally also have more expensive parts.  All of this generates a significant cost saving both up front and on an ongoing basis when compared to a traditional bean to cup system.   Lastly the Millicano product will stay fresher for longer than beans.  Once beans are open they will start to degrade and taste more and more bitter as time goes on.  This can happen within a matter of a few days whereas with Millicano it takes much longer before it starts going stale.

As you can see there are some compelling arguements for using the Millicano option.  Having said all of this there are still many people who will prefer the aroma and, for want of a better word, “theatre” of a bean to cup system.  On top of this there is also the perception that abounds of bean to cup being the best quality coffee you can have.  Often peoples perception, rather than the reality, is the biggest problem you face when discussing coffee machine options.  Probably the best option is to try the product and see for yourself.  All we would ask is that you keep an open mind when considering the options.  One other thing that you should bear in mind is that if you are using Millicano then it really is best to use a premium milk product in conjunction with it to create your cappuccino and latte.  The best product on the market is Milfresh which is 100% granulated milk.

If you would like more information or would like to test this product then please contact the office.  We will be delighted to help and advise where Millicano might be a good fit.  It will not suit every scenerio but will be ideal for some.

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