Impress Your Guests by Serving Specialty Coffee from the Jura XS90

Take the hard work out of making various kinds of specialty coffee with the Jura XS90 . The sheer fragrance of coffee brewed from fresh ground beans is something else again. When you add to that the fact that you can switch seamlessly from hot water to steam production instantaneously in the Jura XS90 coffee machine , you know how easy it will become for you to serve a unique mocha recipe for dessert. It has two separate integrated heating systems to facilitate the switch.

Cappuccinos and lattes need that professional frother to get it right. The powder dispenser of the Jura XS90 holds a second, pre-ground coffee blend to give you even more possibilities. Theoretically the Jura XS90 coffee machine will give you only seven specialty coffees. However, you can play around with recipes and additives to get even more varieties. Some common tricks of the trade include lacing the espresso shot with whiskey or brandy and topping with cream dotted with chocolate flakes on a cold day. You could also add swirls of hot chocolate sauce to the cappuccino or flavor the latte with some kind of syrup.

Since the height of the coffee dispenser of the Jura XS90 is infinitely adjustable you can place glasses and cups of all shapes and sizes to suit the mood and need of the moment. Remember someone who desires a small shot of espresso to go with liqueur after dinner should be served the coffee in a dainty cup. On the other hand, the Americano should be typically served in a large mug. The Jura XS90 coffee machine ensures that the process of making a top-quality cup of coffee starts with the grinding of the fresh coffee beans. For that its precision grinder has six different settings.

Before you finalize the deal to buy the Jura XS90 coffee machine you should realize that it is a prima donna meant for gentle use. The Jura XS90 should never be used in settings where the daily demand is likely to exceed 50 cups on the busiest day.

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