Keep the Hot Beverages Flowing with Industrial Coffee Machines

stand to benefit from investing in industrial coffee machines . The average office coffee machine can take a daily load of five to 500 cups, while a robust industrial coffee machine can dispense up to 1200 cups daily! The latter is built for constant use. Industrial coffee machines have more powerful heaters, larger water tanks and deliver higher pressure and constant, regulated pressure which one can rely on all day, every day. Industrial coffee machines are made to conserve and only make as much coffee as is needed at one time, many of them brew just one cup at a time. These varieties save time because they have all of the coffee and water is often available right on the coffee pot, eliminating the need to measure water and grounds.

If you are looking for a way to meet a large number of desires, like a workplace setting or a waiting area then the single serve office coffee machine comes into its own. Clients, customers and employees alike, all will greatly appreciate the ability to be able to make any beverage of their choice — and you’ll benefit by reduced coffee waste since such machines are programmed to accommodate a brew time specifically for just one cup. A standard office coffee machine uses a milk powder to make cappuccino and latte drinks, or you can choose the optional fresh milk frothing unit. Its built in powder canister can be used for hot chocolate or tea if you prefer to use fresh milk.

Most industrial coffee machines are not super automatic where you just put in beans at one end and get a fragrant and steaming hot cup of coffee at the other – sometimes in less than a minute! This is because the super automatic models are not built to handle high volume. This why hotels and restaurants prefer the industrial coffee machines over other models since they pay their keep over the years.

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