Kenco Millicano in the 12oz vending format

From time to time we do get asked to supply a coffee vending machine that will dispense a 12oz drink.  This is often the case in public sites such as universities, museums and council buildings.  The thinking behind this sized measure is that it is more in keeping with the High Street offer where it is not unusual to see a 12oz or even larger cappuccino or latte.  Traditionally coffee vending machines have dispensed at either the 7 or 9oz size, often into a plastic cup.  The Astro “Big One” was designed to dispense a larger, better quality coffee into a paper cup in order to cater for these changing tastes.  Up until now it has often been assumed that the best way to ensure this better quality offer was to use the bean to cup variant of the machine.  Whilst this does undeniably produce a very good coffee the machine is more expensive and the drink much slower to dispense than the instant ingredient version.  The other issue is that if you are selling a relatively low volume of drinks or there is variable usage you may well have a problem with coffee beans sitting in the machine and going stale.  There is now an answer to these potential problems.

Kenco Millicano is an instant product that creates the illusion of being a freshly ground coffee, indeed there is even a creme on the espresso.   The benefits of this product over fresh beans are as follows.  Firstly the drink dispenses much quicker so if you do have a number of people looking to use the machine at one time there is less queuing.  Secondly the product takes much longer to go stale than fresh beans so there is a better consistency of product.  Thirdly the machine is cheaper than the bean to cup version, not to mention being easier to clean and maintain.  Lastly the per cup cost of the product itself is lower, which is obviously good news for whoever is paying for it!

All in all you may well find that if you want to offer a premium product Kenco Wholebean Millicano is a very good option.  For more information please give us a call.

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