Kenco Millicano Vending Machine

Evolution With Millicano Branding

To the right is an image of the Evolution floor standing coffee vending machine with Kenco Millicano branding.  It works in the same way as any soluble ingredient automatic machine.   It is fully automatic, meaning that you simply make your choice and then the machine delivers the drink of your choice in a paper cup.   It will deliver a range of speciality coffees as well as fresh brew tea, frothy hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee.  This particular system also has an internal sugar dispenser and the facility to fit a payment system which allows you to charge for the drinks. It will dispense into your own cup or into a paper cup that is help within the internal cup dispenser.    On top of all of this I am sure that you will agree this particular machine looks fantastic.  On one level this is obviously only a cosmetic consideration.  However it is remarkable how an attractively styled machine will get considerably more use than one that looks dated or a bit tatty.  In addition to Kenco Millicano we would use Milfresh milk granules, real PG Tips leaf tea and Suchard or Cadbury hot chocolate powder to create the drinks.  The use of these premium ingredients ensures that the drink quality from this machine is second to none.

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