Kenco Singles Brewer Still Going Strong

In recent times there has been a definite increase in demand for bean to cup coffee machines, often at the expense of other systems.  Given that one might think that this greater demand for a bean to cup offer might be the death of the Kenco Singles system.  On the face of it the Kenco Singles machine doesn’t offer the larger, frothy coffee specialities that the modern consumer is demanding.  The reality is somewhat different.

Kenco Local Business Service are still selling a great number of new and refurbished Singles Brewers for a number of very good reasons.

Firstly there are much simpler to look after on a daily basis than a bean to cup machine.  Bean to cup coffee machines, particularly those that use fresh milk, require daily cleaning, where the Kenco Singles Machine does not.

Coffee machines that grind fresh beans and then brew a coffee from them are more complicated than the Singles system and as such are likely to go wrong a little more often.  The Kenco Singles Brewer is our most reliable system requiring on average less than one fault call from our technical team per year per machine.

The cost of the equipment is another factor with the Singles brewer being a fraction of the cost of fresh ground coffee systems as is the range of non-coffee drinks.  There are a good choice of teas including Peppermint, Earl Grey and PG Tips as well as Suchard chocolate and a range of standard coffees including Carte Noire available in the Singles capsule range which are not available in most other coffee systems.

Typically the more expensive bean to cup equipment requires plumbing into the water mains whereas the Kenco Singles equipment can be manually filled with water or plumbed in depending on the customers requirements.

For all of these reasons the Kenco Singles machine is still very popular and has proved to be a success in a variety of sites including hotels, offices, bars and pubs.  If you are looking for one in the London region then we are well placed to offer both the machine and any service support that you may require for it.  We also supply the entire range of capsules at very competitive prices.  For more information please give our office a call on 01494 785808.




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