Kenco Vending and Bravilor

Kenco Local Business Service have always supplied a few bits and pieces from the Bravilor range of filter coffee machines but that has traditionally been where it stops.  However we have been very impressed with other elements of the Bravilor range and as such have decided to expand the number of the manufacturers machines that we are willing to supply.  The Bravilor range is extensive and covers small filter coffee machines dispensing into Pyrex jugs or vacuum flasks to much large bulk brew machines and push button instant ingredient dispense systems.

The small filter machines are ideal for meeting rooms, small offices and restaurants where relatively small amounts of filter coffee are required.  We supply Kenco Westminster and Kenco Sustainable filter coffee in sachets that will produce a 3 pint measure.  The Westminster is a medium strength blend while the Kenco Sustainable is more of a medium to dark taste profile.  Both are exceptional coffees with the Westminster being particularly popular as a breakfast coffee.

Moving up the range are the Bravilor bulk brew machines.  These will dispense much larger quantities of filter coffee and hot water and are suitable for busy hotels and conferencing facilities.  These systems are extremely robust and reliable and we have found them to be very reasonably priced.

Finally there are the Bravilor Bolero range of machines.  These have recently come to prominence with Kraft’s decision to launch Millicano into the vending market and the subsequent move to make the flagship machine in this campaign the Bolero.  It is a simple, easy to use piece of equipment that will dispense a range of coffee based drinks including cappuccino and latte as well as hot chocolate, decaffeinated coffee and hot water.  When it is presented with the Millicano branding it really does look fantastic and very much the contemporary offer that it is.

We are currently look at other parts of this fantastic range of equipment and as soon as we have any news on other additions to our offer we will be sure to let you know here on the blog.  For more information on these machines or on any other part of our range please call the office.

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