Kenco Vending Offer The Full Range of Kenco Drinks Machines

At Kenco Local Business Service we offer the full range of Kenco drinks machines.  These have many different uses from coffee vending machines, bean to cup coffee machines for restaurants or hotels, office coffee machines to drinks systems for use in meeting room and reception areas.

Our best selling drinks system is the Kenco Singles machine.  This is a capsule system which means that each drink is individually sealed allowing it to keep your filter coffee as fresh as possible.  It is easy to use and maintain and delivers a great drink.  Other benefits are that it has a small footprint and therefore will fit into a great many different spaces, it can be both plumbed directly into your water supply or be manually filled with a jug and, on top of all of this, it is the most reliable machine in our range.  With all of these positives it is easy to see why the Kenco Singles brewer is our best selling machine.  Another great piece of news regarding this particular machine is that the new style Kenco Singles brewer will be available within the next couple of weeks.  This will be 24% smaller and possess newer, more contemporary looks.  With this launch will also come a couple of new drinks capsules: a Cadbury chocolate capsule and a newer, larger cappuccino capsule.  Both of these are great additions to the drinks range.

The Kenco In Cup system is our next most popular range of machines.  This range includes table top machines such as the Style 5 and floor standing, fully automatic machines such as the Refresh 1400.  Again this is a very simple system to maintain as the drink ingredients are in the in the cup and the machine adds hot water and, if selected, sugar.  As with the Singles system the machines are very reliable, mainly because of their simplicity and require very little in the way of cleaning and maintenance.  Most of the In Cup systems can be fitted with coin mechanisms so if you want to charge for the drinks then you can.  We can even visit your premises and fill up the larger floor standing in cup coffee vending machines.

Currently the fastest growing type of system (when calculated by drinks vended) that we offer is the bean to cup coffee machine range.  The volumes are catching up with the singles and in cup products very fast indeed.  We offer both floor standing, full automatic bean to cup coffee vending machines such as the Astro and also table top systems such as the Korinto bean to cup machine.  Both of these machines use the same ingredients and have the same type of grinders and brewers and as such both produce an equally high standard of coffee.  There is perception issue here in that the table top machines such as the Korinto are seen as “coffee machines” and the floor standing equipment such as the Astro are seen as vending machines or coffee vending machines and it is assumed that they produce an inferior product.  This simply isn’t true.  We are very proud of the quality of coffee that we can produce from an Astro or K Bar bean to cup machine.

The other type of bean to cup coffee machine is that which uses fresh milk to produce cappuccino and latte.  We offer the Jura coffee machine range.  These are a fantastic range of Swiss made, table top bean to cup coffee machines that produce a range of high quality coffees at the touch of a button.  Providing that the machine is set up correctly, and you use good quality fresh coffee beans, these machines really do offer a product that is comparable to that you might expect from a High Street coffee shop.  The one main point to consider when thinking about this particular style of system is that they must be cleaned every day.  This process is not particularly arduous but if it is not performed then the machines will malfunction.

Another system that we supply a lot of is the soluble ingredient, fast dispense, coffee vending machines.  As you might expect these use soluble ingredients such as coffee granules, tea granules and chocolate powder.  The big advantage to these type of machines is that they have a high capacity and produce drinks at a much quicker rate than filter or bean to cup systems.  They are available in both table top (Impresso Maxi) and floor standing formats (Astro Soluble).  These machines will produce a range of speciality coffees, tea and hot chocolate.  Whilst it is true that the quality of the coffee drinks is not as good as a bean to cup coffee product it is still possible to create a perfectly passable cappuccino with instant ingredients.

Later this year will come the launch of the Kenco To Go system.  This is a 12oz, branded double walled paper cup product with the ingredients sealed in the bottom of the cup.  All you need to dispense these drinks is a hot water boiler or the Kenco Freshseal boiler.  This product is ideal for outside catering, stadiums, trains and planes, basically anywhere you need to dispense large, good quality coffees and teas quickly.

Lastly we can provide Kenco filter coffee machines.  These range from the small pour over filter machines to large Bunn bulk brew coffee machines that will produce large amounts of filter coffee and keep it warm for relatively long periods of time.  This makes this type of equipment ideal for conferencing and hotel environments.

As you can see we offer the full range of coffee equipment and consumables.  Whatever you are looking for please call the office and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.  We have a very experienced sales team that can advise you in all aspects of coffee supply.  We also have a wide range of refurbished equipment available that we can offer on very flexible deals including shorter term rentals and, in certain circumstances, on free loan.  We cover London and the Home Counties.  This means that we offer a great service in towns such as Watford, High Wycombe, Slough, Aylesbury, Maidenhead and Hatfield.  If you are based in London, particularly the central areas such as the City of London and the West End of London, then we can offer a service that is second to none in the industry.

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