Korinto Bean To Cup Machine Versus The Kenco Singles System

We are often asked to supply good quality hot drinks systems to offices that will supply coffee, tea, hot chocolate and speciality coffees such as cappuccino.  We are also regularly asked for something that doesn’t require much in the way of cleaning.  On top of this, particularly in thepresent economic climate, cost is often a big issue.  In the West End and City of London particularly space is at a premium and as such table top equipment that can fit into a staff kitchen is often the preferred choice.

This set of criteria often leads to a choice between two systems: the Kenco Singles machine and the Korinto bean to cup system

In terms of machine cost the Korinto is the more expensive piece of equipment coming in at over twice the cost of the Kenco Singles brewer.  However the Kenco Singles drinks capsules are roughly fifty percent more expensive than each drink that the Korinto dispenses.  The conclusion that we can draw from this is that the Kenco Singles machine is more cost effective for a smaller office and the Korinto more cost effective for a larger office.

If we look at the cleaning that is required in both systems there is a big difference.  Any bean to cup coffee machine will need to be cleaned on a regular basis with the mixing bowls and nozzles taken out a cleaned in a sink at least once, and preferably twice, a week.  It is also advisable to run the flush cycle on these machines at least once a day.  The Kenco Singles brewer on the other hand does not really need a daily clean.  It does, however benefit from a wipe down ever now and again.  Every few weeks it is advisable to take the clamp assembly out and clean this is some hot water and washing up liquid.  There is no doubt about it: the Singles system requires a great deal less cleaning.

The Kenco Singles drinks range includes teas, coffees, hot chocolate and thenew cappuccino capsule.  However it does not include “proper” frothy coffees as the cappuccino is sweetened and it has no latte or mocha option.  The Korinto does offer these drinks but can only offer hot water for tea.  The bottom line is that if you want tea the Kenco Singles machine wins out but if you want larger cappuccinos and lattes then the Korinto is a better bet.

The truth is that there is no one right answer.  Both are exceptionally good systems and both are well suited for use as an office coffee machine.  When choosing which system is right for you it is a case of asking which parts of the offer are more important to you and your staff.  If you have a large office and are more concerned with providing a range of speciality coffees, perhaps in a 9oz or 10oz measure then the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine is the best option for you.  If however you have a smaller office and are more likely to use teas or infusions then the kenco Singles system is probably a better option.  It may be that neither of these systems is the correct one for you and you need to look at a different option in our range of coffee vending machines.  Whichever is the case we are very happy to offer advice if you are unsure as to the correct choice for your company.  We are also happy to visit and take a look first and at your requirements.  This enables us to give you the most well informed advice that we possibly can.

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