Leading office coffee machine supplier in High Wycombe

Over the past twenty years Kenco Local Business Service (KLBS) have become one of the leading suppliers of office coffee machines in the High Wycombe region.  We supply a wide range of business with a wide range of this type of equipment.

Over the past five years bean to cup coffee machines have proved to be more and more popular across the entire South East region of the United Kingdom and High Wycombe is no different.  A good example is a furniture company who rent a Korinto coffee machine from us in High Wycombe.   The Korinto is a great value, table top bean to cup coffee machine that provides a wide range of coffees including cappuccino, latte and mocha.  It will also dispense hot chocolate and hot water (for tea).  It is easy to use and easy to maintain.  As it uses Milfresh pure milk granules it requires a less intensive maintenance regime than similar systems that use fresh milk.  It is ideal in an office environment where there are not normally specialist catering staff on hand to look after the coffee equipment.  It has proved to be a great hot in the office in High Wycombe that already have one.

KLBS have also provided Kenco Singles brewers into a number of commercial premises across the area.  These are small, relatively low costs units that provide a wide range of coffees, teas and hot chocolates.  The capsule system is easy to use, simple to maintain and one of the most reliable machines on the market.  It is perfect for use in an office where w range of different coffees need to be provided.  The most popular coffee is the Kenco medium Roast but there is also a Dark Roast for anyone wanting a little more “punch” from their drink and Carte Noire for the connoisseurs among you.  A Twinings Peppermint Infusion option is also provided for those that would like a healthier, non-caffeinated drink.The Kenco Singles system is perfect for offices because it is just so easy to live with.

Kenco In Cup is also a very popular solution within the town with a number of sites having chosen to go for either Kenco Connection or Network coffee vending machines.  These are simple, robust and high capacity machines capable of dispensing a wide range of instant coffee and chocolate products in a speedy and efficient manner.  PG Tips leaf tea is also available.

It is almost impossible to go through all of the variations available but these three systems have proved to be popular in and around High Wycombe over the past few years for good reason.  They are high in quality, carry a brand that you can respect and trust and are backed up by an efficient, friendly and local service.  Deliveries in High Wycombe are carried out by our own transport team and all service work in the area is carried out by our own in-house service department.  For more information please call the office on 0845 061 1122.

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