Let the Jura C9 Take Care of Everything

The Jura C9 will grind, tamp, brew, steam, froth and self-clean in just 60 seconds. It has an automatic recognition of maintenance programs. What more do you want from any coffee machine? For real value for money the Jura C9 coffee machine is your best bet in mid-use coffee machines. You will get most of the benefits, features and convenience found on higher priced machines. When you don’t need it for a while, just put it on energy saving mode.

One of the biggest headaches of any bean to cup coffee machines is refilling. The Jura C9 has a coffee container indicator, which will warn you when you need to fill the bean hopper. It comes with a variable brewing unit which ranges from 5-16 g. So if you want to you can brew two cups at one go. You can set the grinder to any of six different fineness settings since it has an in-built adjustable premium-grade conical burr grinder.

One important thing to note is that settings of the Jura C9 coffee machine can be changed even during brewing and all of these pre-programmed settings can be edited to your liking. When selected, the unique auto cappuccino system option siphons milk from the thermal container and then combines it with hot steam to produce hot frothed milk for your cappuccino. The Jura C9 coffee machine lets you take a call on whether you want more foam or less and change its consistency to suit your individual taste.

This eight specialty coffee machine is compact enough to suit most counters. Its water tank capacity of 1.9 liters means that the Jura C9 does not have to be linked to the mains. It has a simple and logical syntax which makes it possible for you get your cup of espresso without moving the cup! The joy of being able to drink out of one’s favorite cup is undeniable – and the adjustable spout of the Jura C9 coffee machine makes it possible. You don’t have to limit yourself to any standard cup size. So, just let the Jura C9 coffee machine take care of everything while you savor the fragrance of fresh brewed coffee every time you want a cup.

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