Make Your Staff Feel Appreciated with Coffee Machine Hire

Yes, quality coffee machines can be quite pricey. Yet, you can have fragrant freshly brewed coffee whenever you want it by opting for coffee machine hire . The best kind of coffee machine for a restaurant or large office would be an industrial coffee machine . Just as coffee machines come in all kinds of price ranges and models, their ability to take rough use varies. The normal coffee machine meant for domestic use is a delicate thing and should be used gently. A prime example would be the Korinto coffee machine which offers exceptional drink quality for eight kinds of specialty coffees.

On the other hand, an industrial coffee machine would be something like the Zion which can dispense as many as 700 cups per day. With two coffee bean containers to allow the use of different coffees, it can give you 21 high quality specialty coffee and chocolate drinks. Another prime industrial coffee machine is the Kenco K Bar 18 which has a 1200 cup capacity. The K Bar is a fully automatic floor standing industrial coffee machine with 16 different hot or hot and chilled drink options and an internal sugar dispenser. The K Bar bean to cup offers the full Kenco incup drinks as well as larger cups of cappuccino, mocha, latte, café au lait and Americano, all made from freshly ground whole beans.

A cup of coffee has been shown to raise alertness and improve the ability to focus on tasks. This has obvious productivity benefits for an employer. Some smart employers cash in on coffee machine hire since it permits them to work out combinations and permutations of the quantum and variety of coffee that can be on offer. It also makes sense to look at what your personnel would really want to drink when choosing a model for coffee machine hire .

Increasing health consciousness has meant that people want to curtail or limit their daily caffeine intake. So they might want options like green teas and soups or even hot chocolates rather than specialty coffee only. Therefore, just make sure that the model you have chosen for coffee machine hire dispenses more than just coffee to make your staff feel appreciated.

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