Neva bean to cup coffee machine versus the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine

Over the years the most popular bean to cup machine that we have supplied has always been whatever table top, mid range, powdered milk system that was in our portfolio at that point in time.  Up until three years ago that was the Neva bean to cup coffee machine.  After that point we changed to the Korinto table top bean to cup coffee machine.  So what were the reasons for this change?

For a start the Korinto produces a better espresso base for all of it’s coffee based drinks.  This is due to the fact that the espresso is produced under a much higher pressure than the Neva uses.  This results in a much better extraction of flavour from thecoffee beans and as such means a much better drink.  The Neva coffee based drinks do have a tendency to come out a bit more watery.  The other issue is that because the Neva brews the coffee in a large chamber that sits outside of the internals of themachine the coffee tends to lose some of it’s temperature and really needs a cup warmer if you are using china cups.  The drinks from theKorinto tend to come out hotter.

Over the past three years we have found the Korinto to be more reliable than the Neva machine.  Neither are particularly unreliable but we certainly have less faults per machine per year with the Korinto.  Our customers also find the Korinto easier to clean and look after as there are fewer parts that need to be taken off the machine for it’s daily clean.  It was not uncommon for us to have customers call in to say they had taken the brewer unit off of the Neva and were unable to put it back!  Whilst this is not really a machine fault it certainly meant a technician visit and the machine would be out of action for a day or two.

Last, but certainly not least, the Korinto is slightly cheaper.  In addition because it is more reliable we are able to offer a better value warranty package, further reducing the cost of running the machine.

Overall we feel that the Korinto offers better value for money, a better drink and is easier to look after.  We have had nothing but positive feedback about the Korinto from our customers, sales team and our technicians.  For more information about the machine and various deals that we have available please give us a call.  We will be happy to arrange for someone to visit you premises and can, in some cases even arrange for a demonstration or a short trial.  We also have a number of customers who are happy for us to arrange a site visit so that you can see the machine working in a workplace.  The Korinto is suitable for a whole range of applications including offices, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.  This system isn’t right for every situation but it is most certainly our most popular bean to cup coffee machine.

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