New Jura GIGA X8 Launched!

Jura have just launched the GIGA X8 and it definitely adds a little something to their portfolio.  The existing GIGA range (X7 and X9) were an exciting development in the world of office coffee machines a couple of years ago with their stylish looks, double bean hoppers, cutting edge TFT screen and simplicity of use but the X8 takes the range on another step.

The entire GIGA range has many selling points: The two bean hoppers allow for a wide range of drinks to be made, potentially with two different types of coffee beans.  This can mean that you offer a caffeinated and decaffeinated option or perhaps a dark and a light roast coffee.  Alternatively you can blend two different types for a bespoke blend.  The TFT screen will show with clear instructions and pictures how to perform the cleaning and maintenance cycles as well as the simpler tasks such as emptying the grout bin and the waste tray.  All drinks are created at the touch of button making the entire range very easy to use.

The GIGA X8 takes things on a stage.  It has three thermoblock heating systems and a hot water bypass function.  This means that when making a coffee not all of the water needs to pass through the ground coffee and some can bypass it with no impact on the quality of the drink.  What this means is that a coffee is produced much quicker.  Obviously this has positive implications for busier sites where drinks need to be produced quickly.  The types of site where this may suit are busy offices, hotels, restaurants and bars.

We offer the entire Jura range of machines and have always been very proud to do so.  The GIGA X8 adds an extra dimension to the range and offers tremendous value for money when you consider how much functionality and the quality of machine that you are getting. As with the entire range our technical team are fully trained and we can offer full technical back up as well as all of the consumables and cleaning products that you will require to keep your Jura in good working order.

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