Our first Genesis Bean To Cup Coffee Machine!

Our table top bean to cup coffee machine of choice has long been the outstanding N & W Korinto.  It is an exceptional machine which produces great coffee, is reliable, looks great and is well priced.  However it does not produce tea, does not have an internal cup dispenser and does not have the ability to have a change giving coin mechanism added to it.  This did, until recently, leave a gap in our equipment range.  However we have recently managed to fill this.

The machine that we have gone with is the Crane Genesis bean to cup machine.  It is table top and uses fresh coffee beans and leaf tea to produce it’s drinks.  It also produces a chocolate drink and has the ability to produce a decaffeinated coffee.  In addition to this phenomenal drinks range it has an internal cup dispenser so the user has the option to either use their own mug or use a paper cup (either 7oz or the larger 9oz measure) that will be dispensed from the machine.  Unlike the Korinto it also has an internal sugar dispenser which means that you don’t have the mess of sugar sachets and stirrers.  The other big benefit of the Genesis machine is that it can be fitted with an internal change giving coin mechanism.  This last feature makes it ideal for situations where you require a table top coffee machine that dispenses high quality drinks that are being charged for.  One such application would be in golf clubs where there is a need to offer good quality tea and coffee facilities all day but there may not always be a member of staff manning the bar area.

If you would like a visit from one of our sales team in order to learn more about the Genesis coffee machine then please do give us a call.  In certain circumstances we can even arrange a trial of the equipment.  With this new system we really do feel that we have all the bases covered!

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