Pros and cons of soluble ingredient coffee vending machines

Many coffee vending machines, particularly the floor standing varieties, use soluble coffee ingredients, particularly granules.  There are positives and negatives to this approach.  Before you decide on a coffee vending machine to take on rental you need to consider these.

The first positive is the speed of dispense.  It takes only a few second to create a coffee, cappuccino or latte from purely soluble ingredients.  A bean to cup system, on the other hand can take 30 – 40 seconds to make the same drink.

A second advantage to the soluble system is cost.  It is probably the lowest cost option per cup.  If you want to keep the cost down even further then you can produce it in a relatively cheap plastic cup or even use your own china.  

A soluble ingredient machine can also produce the frothy coffee specialities that customers want these days including cappuccino, mocha and latte.  It can produce these drinks in up to a 12oz format.  Again this larger cup size is another option that our customers often ask for.

It sounds great but there are disadvantages.  One is the cleaning.  It requires more regular cleaning than an in cup or Kenco Singles system.  Another is the perceived quality.  If the machine is not set up correctly then the quality can be pretty poor.  All of our machines are set up correctly and use the best possible ingredients.  Lastly there is simply the belief that the only way of achieving a quality coffee is through fresh beans.  Assuming the beans are kept fresh then this can be true.

There is a lot to consider.  I would recommend talking to the experts before making a decision on renting or leasing a coffee machine.

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