Refurbished Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

We are often asked for bean to cup coffee machines for offices in the City and West End of London as there is a real appetite, in this area in particular, for a high street coffee shop style offer in the workplace.  Unfortunately these type of systems, especially ones that can dispense one hundred plus drinks per day, are not cheap.  Sadly this often stymies companies where there are budgetary constraints from having the office coffee machine that they would like.

One option if you would like to keep the costs down is refurbished equipment.  We have a number of refurbished bean to cup machines currently available.  If you are looking for table top equipment then we can supply refurbished Jura coffee machines or N & W Korintos and Koros.  The main difference between these two ranges is that the Juras use fresh milk and the Korinto and Koro use a milk substitute.  Machines using a milk substitute are easier to maintain.  If you are looking for larger floor standing bean to cup machines then we have a number of K Bar bean to cup systems available at the moment.  These use a milk substitute and can also produce tea, chocolate and soups.

As you can see there are a number of refurbished options available which are lower cost than new.  The other advantage to using refurbished machines is that we can offer them on shorter term rental deals which in the current uncertain climate often appeals.  If we are dealing with new then typically we have to lease any equipment over at least three years.

There are many advantages to the customer of refurbished equipment.  For more information please give the office a call.

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