Refurbished coffee vending machines to rent

A refurbished coffee vending machine is often a very good option as it allows us to offer you a much more flexible (and often cheaper) rental or lease deal than we would be able to on brand new equipment.  This can translate into much shorter term contracts which in today’s uncertain economic climate is often a big plus point.  Typically we will rent these machines directly with no need for a lease company.  This means cheaper rates and none of the extra fees that typically are incurred in a true lease agreement.

The one downside that all of this brings is that we only have available what we have in stock whereas with a new piece of equipment we can order in anything that you want.  Having said this we do have a very wide range of equipment available as refurbished.  The coffee vending machines available include the K Bar, Network and Connections in cup machines and the very popular Kenco Singles machine.  On top of this we have bean to cup coffee systems including a number of Jura, Colibri, Neva and Neva Duo machines.  Currently we even have a number of the Bunn bulk brew coffee machines in our warehouse. 

If you think that any of these machines are what you are looking for then please call us and we will be delighted to go through the rent options available to you.

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