Refurbished table top bean to cup coffee machines

We have a varying range of refurbished coffee machines available.  Currently there are a range of table top bean to cup systems available including Colibris, Koros, Jura X9s, Jura XS90s and Korintos.

The Colibri, Koro and Korinto are all bean to cup machines that use powdered or granulated milk.  We always recommend Milfresh as we believe it to be the best product on the market and capable of giving a milk froth almost as good as fresh milk.  The Colibri and Korinto also offer indulgent and frothy hot chocolate and mocha.  All three machines offer a hot water option although it should be stressed that they do not have the capacity to operate as a hot water boiler.  If you require large amounts of hot water a proper boiler is a better option.  Realistically all three of these systems offer similar things.  The main difference is in the capacity of the machines and the range of non – coffee drinks.  In all cases the machines dispense the drink at the touch of a button.

The Jura Impressa X9 and XS90 are both bean to cup machines that use fresh milk to create the cappuccino and latte options.  As with the machines above they do offer hot water but should not be treated as hot water boilers.  These fresh milk systems will need more frequent cleaning than the machines that use a powdered or granulated milk product.  As with the Korinto, Koro and Colibri the Jura coffee machines dispense your coffee at the touch of a button and as such are very easy for the customer to use.

With our refurbished systems we can offer some very flexible rental terms including shorter minimum terms, lower payments and in some cases even free loan deals (based on drink volume commitments). If you are looking to try a bean to cup system then one of these might be ideal as you can try one without a major commitment.  For more information about these systems please give us a call and one of our coffee consultants will be happy to advise you as to the most appropriate system.  We can even send one of our advisors to your site in order to ensure that we install exactly the right machine.

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