Refurbished Jura Coffee Machines In London

If you are looking for a bean to cup coffee machine that uses fresh milk but are unsure as to exactly what you may require then our range of refurbished Jura equipment could be right for you.  We can offer these refurbished machines on shorter term rental basis rather than longer term leases.  The cost is also significantly lower.  These options allow you to rent a machine on a cheap and short term basis but with no major commitment in terms of the length of the contract.  Alternatively if you are looking to purchase on of these systems then this is a cheap way to do it.  We always supply the same warranty with refurbished machines as we do with new so you have nothing to worry about on that score either.

Currently available are some of the very popular Jura Impressa X9 machines.  These are push button systems that will deliver you a cappuccino, latte or espresso.  There are two bean hoppers allowing for the use of two different types of coffee bean.  These can either be blended by the X9 to create your own unique flavour or can be kept seperate to allow for example a decaffeinated and a caffeinated cappuccino.  The Impressa X9 has automated cleaning and de-scaling cycles that make the maintenance of the equipment as easy as possible.  This machine also has an adjustable spout allowing for the use of various sizes of cups and glasses.  Milk fridges and cup warmers are availbale for use with this system.  We have found that the Impressa X9 is at home in many different situations from offices and meeting rooms to coffee shops and restaurants.  We would recommend that the Imperssa X9 is used in sites wishing to produce up to 100 coffees per day.  It does have a hot water option but is not designed for use as a boiler.  If there is a requirement for large amounts of hot water we would recommend the use of a proper hot water boiler.  If you do try and use your Jura coffee machine to do this you will find that it simply will not cope with the demand.

Currently we can also supply refurbished Jura XS90 machines.  These are the smaller brother to the Impressa X9 and only feature one bean hopper so only one type of coffee bean can be used (although there is a facility to use a shot of ground coffee in order to provide decaffeinated options for all of the drinks).  Unlike the the Impressa X9 there are two drinks stations: one for the milk based drinks and one for espresso and black coffees.  The process itself is completely automatic and takes only one press of a button to produce a cappuccino but you must make sure that you place your cup under the correct nozzle.  As with the X9 the cleaning and de-scaling process is completely automated.  As it has a lower capacity we would recommend that the XS90 is used it sites wishing to produce up to 50 coffees per day.

Both of these machines will create a lovely coffee and both are simple to use.  If you would like to learn more or would like demonstration of either please call the office.  If you are looking for a different machine in the Jura range it is worth asking as we often have alternative units available.

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