Rent a coffee machine for your garage

A popular location for a coffee machine is the waiting area in a car repair garage.  There are often customers waiting for some time and a decent coffee machine is a good way to keep your valuable customers happy.  Some garages give the coffee away free and some look to charge for the drinks.  We can offer coffee vending machines that allow you to choose either option.

Typically the criteria for a coffee vending machine in this kind of environment is one that delivers a decent drink but doesn’t require a lot of cleaning and looking after.  The Kenco Singles machine is ideal as it offers a good quality drink but with minimal hassle.  The coffee is a filter coffee and the machine will only need a superficial clean every couple of weeks.  It’s also very easy to use from your customer point of view.  The machine can be fitted with a validator unit which means that you can charge for drinks if you would like.

The other system that suits this kind of environment is the Kenco In Cup system.  Because the ingredients are already in the cup all the machine does is to add hot water and sugar.  This means that this is a very simple machine to fill, clean and maintain.  If you are looking for a table top option then the Kenco Connections or Style 5 fit the bill and if you require a floor standing fully automatic machine then the K Bar or the Refresh 1400 would suit.  In all cases there is the option to charge for the drinks.

We have both new and refurbished models available of nearly all of the machines mentioned above.  The new machines are available on a variety of purchase and lease options.  However with the refurbished equipment we can offer a wide range of deals including short term, flexible rentals and even free on loan deals (subject to usage).  For more information on these machines and deals please give us a call.  We would be very happy to advise you as to what option is the most suitable for you.

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