Rent a stylish coffee machine in London

Some of our customers are prestigious companies located in cutting edge office facilities in locations such as the west end of London, the city of London or Canary Wharf.  Typically these type of customers require an office coffee machine that not only does the job of producing good quality cappuccinos and lattes but, almost as importantly, looks the part.

The Jura range of Giga bean to cup coffee machines are a good place to start.  The machines are Swiss made and have a European style and flair to them.

Jura GIGA X9 Coffee Machine

As you can see from the picture the Jura GIGA X9 looks fantastic and would fit into even the most up market work space.  In addition the picture does not lie: it really will produce two lattes or cappuccinos at once!  The screen makes the machine very easy to use and clean.  It is true that the cleaning cycles do have to be carried out every day but the whole process is automatic and does not require someone to be standing over it watching the whole process.

The Kenco Singles machine is another great option if you would like a discreet, easy to usetable top office coffee machine.  It offers a range of coffees, teas, hot chocolate and infusions.  The Kenco singles brewer requires almost no cleaning (other than a superficial wipe over every now and again) and is possibly the most reliable coffee machine for the office on the market.

The Korinto bean to cup coffee machine is another that fits into an ultra modern office setting.  It offers the full range of speciality coffees that you would expect as well as hot chocolate using either Suchard or Cadbury chocolate powder and a hot water option for tea bags.  We would always recommend that you fill it with Milfresh 100% skimmed milk granules for the best possible quality of cappuccino.

There are other coffee machine options that would fit well into a contemporary office environment.  For more information please browse the website or call the office and we would be very happy to help.  We have a truly massive range of office coffee machines available for rent or lease.

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