Renting or leasing a bulk brew coffee machine in London

There is a big demand in London hotels for the production of large quantities of good quality filter coffee for conferencing and breakfast areas.  One solution for this demand is the range of Bunn bulk brew coffee machines.  Just this week we have ordered yet another Bunn U3 bulk brew machine for a West End of London hotel.

This equipment will produce large quantities of quality filter coffee and hot water in a relatively short space of time and then keep it hot for a period of time allowing it to be dispensed from a central point or decanted into air pots or thermos flasks and moved around the building.  Alternatively the Bunn soft heat systems allows the coffee to be brewed directly into a large portable container, thereby eliminating the need to decant it at all.

Kenco Local Business Service can provide these coffee machines on either a rental, lease or purchase.  As you might expect the purchase option is the cheapest in the long run but does require you to part with your money up front.  The lease option does allow you to spread the cost of the equipment over either a 3 year or 5 year period and we can build a warranty into the cost.  Where we have refurbished Bunn equipment available then we can rent it on much more flexible terms.  In some cases we can even free loan the machines, subject to an amount of coffee being purchased from us.

These bulk brew coffee machines are tremendously reliable and ideal for the hotel and conferencing environment.  For more information on purchasing, renting or leasing on of these coffee machines please call the office.

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