Short term coffee vending machine rental

In these uncertain times we often hear that customers are unwilling to commit to long term coffee machine hire, rent or lease.  Typically most coffee machine leases are at least 3 years long.  However we are able to rent refurbished coffee vending machines on a short term basis.  We can do this on a 1 year term.  In some cases we can even place coffee vending machines on a 3 month rolling contract.  This gives the customer a great deal of flexibility and doesn’t tie them in for too long a period.  Generally we do only offer this with refurbished machines, however there are a lot to choose from.

If you are looking for a table top office coffee machine then we have a large number of Kenco Singles machines in stock. These coffee machines are ideally suited to the office environment as they are easy to use and maintain and the Kenco Singles capsules offer a large range of drinks, with something for everyone.

The Kenco Maxi coffee machine is another option that we have in stock in the refurbished table range.  It offers a range of coffees (including cappuccinos, lattes and mochas), hot chocolate and decaffeinated options.

There are also a large number of refurbished Kenco K Bar coffee vending machines available.  These are fully automatic coffee vending machines offering 16 choices of hot and chilled drinks.

If you are happy with a refurbished coffee vending machine and are looking for a flexible rental option then give the office a call.  We can go through the various rent, lease and hire options that are available.

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