Stock list of refurbished coffee vending machines

We often have a wide range of refurbished coffee vending machines available at any one time and now is no exception.  If you are looking for our most popular system, the Kenco singles coffee machine, then you are in luck.  We have a large number of these available that have been freshly refurbished.   We also have in stock many of the Kenco In Cup coffee vending systems including the Connections, Network and K Bar machines.  These will cater for any number of users from 5 to 100.  In recent years there has been a much larger call for bean to cup coffee machines that will produce larger, coffee shop style products.  If this is what you are looking for then we still have a number of bean to cup K Bar coffee vending machines that will create a 9oz cappuccino or latte.  Alternatively if you are looking for this kind of product but would like it in a table top format then we have a number of Neva machines in stock.

There are other machines available also and it is always worth asking us to see what we have if you are in the market for a second hand piece of equipment as it often changes.  We are able to offer much more flexibility in the contracts with refurbished machines over new systems as we do not have the up front investment costs.  This translates into shorter term rents or, in some cases, even free on loan offers.

If you are looking for a cheaper deal or to have extra flexibility then talk to us about our second hand range of coffee vending machines.  We have something to suit every taste.

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