T for Tassimo Professional

Once you invest in a Tassimo professional coffee machine you are in clover. The reasons are many. The Tassimo professional is designed to ensure that each drink is uniquely prepared to the right size using the T disc barcode technology, so there is a difference in size for each T disc. Add to that you can prepare different kinds of drinks consecutively as during the brew cycle of each T disc the drink stream (flow) does not touch any parts of the machine once leaving the T disc so there is no taste contamination from T disc to T disc i.e. drink to drink.

The Tassimo professional coffee machine allows you to customize your drink. For a milder tasting drink, press and hold the button when instructed to do so by the display screen to extend the brewing process. Stop when the drink reaches its desired size and strength. For a stronger tasting drink, stop the brewing process when instructed on the display. This will result in a smaller stronger drink.

Further the milk used does not have the peculiar yellowish color so common in milk concentrates. This milk product is unique to Tassimo professional No other on demand system can offer this superior milk delivery from a capsule or pod for it uses a patented ultra filtration formula (UF) for milk. So it maintains the look, taste and foaming qualities of fresh milk despite being concentrated and stabilized for ambient storage.

This patented milk T disc combines the ultra filtrated milk with the right quantity of hot water in the Tassimo professional coffee machine to deliver the perfect layers of milk and milk froth for each individual beverage. The liquid passes through the T disc of the Tassimo professional at such high velocity that it combines with air to create foam in a similar way to a steam wand. In the T discs of the Tassimo professional coffee machine fresh whole milk is used as a starting product, which is then concentrated using ultra filtration (instead of evaporation) to maintain a perfect fresh milk taste.

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