Take Your Pick with Options Ranging From the Colibri and Korinto to the Zion Coffee Machines

Most coffee aficionados swear the only real way to drink it is to have it brewed beans to cup. For such people the Colibri coffee machine is a great value for money purchase. You don’t need to limit yourself to coffee with this machine. The Colibri coffee machine will give you a reasonable choice of specialty coffee, hot chocolate and plain hot water should you need the latter for a variety of reasons. This makes it ideal for small offices, conference rooms and reception rooms where someone might need just hot water to brew a cup of black tea or herbal tea. In fact, you can also think in terms of investing in a Colibri coffee machine or a Korinto coffee machine for the home to kick start the day with a flourish!

On the other hand, Korinto coffee machines are very useful for small to medium sized establishments. A restaurant offering specialty cuisine can install a Korinto coffee machine to dispense coffee for those who prefer to have coffee instead of dessert. Its eight specialty coffee options added to chocolate drink options makes it ideal in bars, hotel front offices and beauty parlors. The major advantage of both the Colibri coffee machine and the Korinto coffee machines is that they are very user friendly. Add to that their automatic cleaning cycle and it seems that they take care of most of your hot drinks headaches.

The Zion coffee machines stand apart from both these kinds of coffee machines. They are perfect for establishments which require both a large turnover in terms of cups dispensed through the day and the sheer variety of specialty coffees offered. So, cafes, restaurants and large offices stand to benefit from investing in Zion coffee machines. With over 21 specialty coffees and chocolate drinks on offer the Zion coffee machines are a gourmet’s delight. The real treat is that there are two coffee bean containers. This means that you can afford to have different kinds of beans like Arabica and Colombia to give you the grounds from which to brew different coffee types.

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