The Darenth Encore Auto Coffee Vending Machine

We are delighted to be able to offer another in the range of Darenth coffee vending machines.  The Encore Auto is a five choice machine that uses the popular Kenco In Cup range of drinks.  Available in this range are a number of Kenco coffees, PG Tips tea, Kenco Cappio (a sweetened frothy coffee), Suchard chocolate and Knorr soup.  The beauty of the In Cup system is that there is a consistency of drink that you just don’t get with machines using loose ingredients.  Each drink comes in a quality paper cup that is individually branded which help to maintain the quality feel of the product.

The Encore Auto itself  has five drink choices and an automatic, internal sugar dispenser.  To use the machine you press the button for the drink that you want, the machine drops the cup and then you move the cup to the sugar station and then to the hot water nozzle.  This coffee vending machine can be fitted with a coin mechanism, although it is worth noting that this does not give change.  This coffee vending machine is also able to sit on top of the Darenth range of half height snacks and can vendors.  This allows you to provide your staff with a complete refreshment solution.

The Encore Auto is suitable for a great many applications including in offices, car garages, warehouses and reception areas.  It is easy to use and maintain, requiring very little by way of daily maintenance.  Kenco Local Business Service offer this machine on a rental, lease and purchase basis across London and the Home Counties.  We can provide all of the products that will require for use in this machine as well as comprehensive service support and training.  Our base near Hemel Hempstead also allows us to provide a top class service in towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Slough and Reading.  For more information please give the office a call on 01494 785808.

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