The future of coffee vending machines

Over the years vending machines that dispense coffee and tea have gotten a reputation for delivering what can at best be described as something warm and wet in a small, unappealing plastic cup.  The tea in particular has garnered a reputation for being pretty lousy.  In some cases this bad quality offering still exists however at Kenco Local Business Service we believe that you do not have to settle for this as there are much better offerings available. 

Traditionally a coffee vending machine would have delivered coffee and tea made from soluble granules, a cheap whitener that lost any froth very quickly and a small 7oz plastic cup.  Sadly this image is what many people picture when asked for their thoughts on coffee vending machines.

We simply believe that you do not have to accept this state of affairs.  Let’s start with the ingredients.  There are many bean to cup systems available now meaning that the coffee based drinks are produced with an espresso base made from fresh gound coffee beans, just as your cappuccino is produced at your favourite coffee shop.  If you like a cup a of tea then there are a variety of fresh brew tea systems on the market.  What this means is that the tea is brewed under pressure from real tea leaves.  Again the difference in quality between a good fresh brew system using real tea leave and an instant system using granulated tea is startling.  In all cases now we use Milfresh which is the best quality milk substitute in the industry.  It contains nothing but milk and as such gives a great finish whether used in a flat coffee or white tea or when it is used to create froth in a cappuccino or mocha.  Once you have decided on a coffee vending machine that has a bean to cup and/or fresh brew tea system and opted to use the the correct ingredients you must unsure that the equipment is set up correctly and uses the correct amount of the ingredients to deliver the best quality drink possible.  If your equipment is set up by one of our technicians then we will also make sure that we do set it up in the way that you would like in order to provide you with the best possible drink.

Not only are the ingredients important so is the type of cup that the drink is delivered in.  A small, flimsy plastic cup simply isn’y very appetising.  However with a K Bar or Astro machine it is possible to have a larger 9oz paper cup, or in the case of the Astro “Big One”, even a 12oz paper cup.  This really does give a coffee shop style offer.  With the Astro coffee vending machine you also have the option of using your own mug rather than a paper cup delivered by the machine.

When you add all of this to the trust you can place in a quality brand like Kenco coffee you are looking at what we perceive as the future of coffee vending.  There is no excuse for poor quality coffee and tea through your coffee vending machine.  Whilst it is true that you will never please everybody all of the time you can create a good quality coffee vending offer in your office or workplace.  For more information please give us a call.  We would be very happy to visit you and go through the options.

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